Custom Control Assemblies

Custom Control Cables

Custom Control Cables Our custom assemblies are industry leaders and are our principal product. This is where our expertise provides the ultimate in smoothness and efficiency.

The low friction "feel" comes from two basic components: a sliding flexible innermember and a flexible outer conduit.

Custom assemblies are offered in a wide range of sizes and materials designed for safety, strength and efficiency – from miniature cables to extra heavy duty cables capable of 1200 lb compression, 3600 lb tension. Contact us to discuss your exact needs.

Applications: Throttle, Fuel shutoff, Feedback, Rudder trim, Emergency elevator control, Free fall landing gear, Emergency vent, Window latch, Flap control, Arresting gear, Portable water control, Waste drain control, Landing gear interlock, Escape slide actuation, Slat skew detection, Tail cone release, Nose gear down lock indicator and many others

Custom Linkage Assemblies

Custom Linkage Assemblies Our linkage assemblies come in metric and inch sizes and are straight or bent.

They include a rod or tubing in adjustable or fixed lengths with a wide variety of end fittings such as rod ends, ball joints or clevis.

Linkage assemblies can be used for lawn and garden, trucks, buses, construction and agriculture.

Applications: Lawn & garden, Truck, Bus, Construction, Agriculture, Rotary vane controls, Door opening mechanisms.