Hand Control Assemblies

Brake Levers

Brake Lever The brake lever has two distinct positions, over-center and off, which are approximately 90° apart. There is no ratcheting to limit travel or secondary unlocking required for operation.

A heat-treated 4130 load link provides an excellent combination of qualities for durability and reliability. An integral adjusting knob allows for setting the initial cable tension, travel, and to compensate for system wear. Side or flange mounted configurations are available for increased adaptability.

The input lever and side plates have an epoxy finish or electro-static paint, and all other components are coated for corrosion resistance. A tamper-resistant knob to inhibit unauthorized adjustment, and a weather-resistant switch at the off position, are both available as options.

The levers are supplied with hardware necessary to attach the cable end fittings to the load link.

Custom Hand Controls

Customer Hand Control Custom Hand Controls are available to meet a variety of needs.

These levers and joysticks can be used with push-pull controls for many applications including truck mixer, vibrator control, remote valve actuation, drive engagement and automatic pick-up hitch systems.

Unidrum Lever

Unidrum Lever A control head designed primarily for hand throttle applications on commercial and industrial vehicles, and also suitable for many other uses. Compact and efficient for imparting light-to-medium pull-only or push-pull loads through flexible conduits and innermembers.

Unidrum controls hold and operate up to 26lb (12kg) push-pull or pull-only output loads. Mechanical advantage at knob is 5 to 1. There is a self locking nut for operator adjustment of friction setting. The adjustable stop plates allow 10° (3/16" linear output) (5mm linear output) incremental travel adjustment. Two inches (50mm) of cable travel requires approximately 90° lever travel.

Three inches (75mm) of cable requires approximately 135° lever travel. The lever position is adjustable in 60° increments to provide optimum operating range. Optional cable entry offers four mountings/directions of operation alternatives. Also available with a smaller handle for light duty applications or with a locking handle.

Light Duty Lever

Light Duty Lever This Light Duty lever controls VLD control lever with available locking detents, offering a 4.5 to 1 mechanical advantage. Adjustable friction control with 2-bolt mounting scheme.

Robust cast alloy weatherproof assembly in black finish with chrome steel lever and black plastic handle.